Saturday, April 14, 2012

If Memory Serves

This headlight was found on a Studebaker sedan from the late 1930's, before the war and the last of the traditional body style followed by this esteemed car maker. When the late Forties rolled around, Studebaker embarked on a radical styling change similar to the 1950 Ford with a bullet-nosed grill and streamlined planes front and rear. "You can't tell if it's coming or going," said some of the new profile. Photographed at a Ravalli County car show.

It's likely the small lights above the stylish chrome bezel are parking lights and not turn signals. Turn signals were not found on cars of this era, such technology not appearing until the 1950s.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Bit Out of Season

perhaps, but this Mission style rocking chair and golden bucket of mums is pleasing any time of the year. A quick snapshot taken while on a cattle tour in Western Montana.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pinzgauer Cattle

A rarity, these Austrian beef cattle made their first appearance in Canada in 1972. American importations began in 1976. The breed is noted for its tender beef, juiciness, flavor, and solid feeding and feedlot performance. Some authorities list the Pinzgauer as an endangered breed. The white line back and white down the hind quarters are its very distinctive markings. Shown in the Centennial Valley of Montana.

Montana's Centennial Valley

Here's a midday view of the ever-interesting and somewhat remote Centennial Valley near the southeast border of the state. Officially, this is State Highway 509 and begins just north of Macks Inn in Idaho and ends near Monida, Idaho, and Interstate 15. Traversing the area, you'll pass near Henrys Lake, through Red Rock Pass, and drive by Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and Lima Reservoir.

Although it is maintained year around, local inquiry is advised in early spring and through the late fall and winter. One might encounter four-wheel drive conditions then.