Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Three Amigos

The famous, ubiquitous Farmall M. . . .  Its production began in 1939 and continued until 1952 when it was replaced by the Super M.  Diesel version, the MD, appeared in 1941 and cost one and a half times as much as a gasoline-powered M. The M was sometimes labeled as "Big Brother" to the popular Farmall H. Both models shared the same frame and layout allowing interchangeable frame mountable implements. The M was capable of pulling a three or four bottom plow.

Options included the Lift-All hydraulic system, a belt pulley, PTO, rubber tires, starter, lights, and a swinging drawbar. It could be ordered in high-crop, wide-front or tricycle configurations. The high-crop version was called a Model MV.

More than 290,000 of these machines were produced. In 1940, the cost of the Farmall M was around $1,100, the MD, $1,700.

This trio was discovered on the "bench" above the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana on a summer's day whose clouds could serve as smoky exhaust.